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Our Story

Every passion driven venture has an interesting back story and this is ours. We are Anuj, Harsh and Parth- buddies, foodies and co-creators of TFS. Our friendship dates back to 1996 and growing up and experiencing life together is what makes us inseparable today.

Our friendship of 24 years strengthened over competitive cricket matches after school, playing Mario and PlayStation, relentlessly ribbing each other, listening to backstreet boys and staying up all night during our countless trips to Lonavala, where we dreamt of incepting an empire and building our own glorious legacy.

We all come from business families and after graduating, the three of us joined our respective family businesses and chose to live our dads’ dreams. Life was moving at a sedate pace but Covid19 brought a sudden pause to that pace. Like the rest of the world, we too reflected on our life trajectory and that’s when the idea of TFS bloomed in our hearts and took root in our minds.

As fellow food connoisseurs, we’ve always fulfilled our cravings with healthy and tasty food. We are firm believers in the concept that healthy food can be lip smacking too! The three of us are health conscious and that has always reflected in our daily food choices. We unanimously agree with George Bernard Shaw said-“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” and TFS is the product of our sincere love for food!

With TFS, we are now choosing to live our dream of incepting a business together and creating something tangible, meaningful and fulfilling that will bring joy to everyone.

Even though 2020 has been challenging, it is also the year that has forced us to don new lenses and view life choices from a different perspective. TFS is our belief that taste doesn’t have to be compromised when it comes to healthy food and it isn’t necessary to spend more money for it.

We want to share our love for food by bringing premium quality food brands right to your doorstep in the swiftest and safest way possible and that too at the most reasonable price.

With Kleos Ventures and TFS, we are, trying something new and choosing to go out of our comfort zones but with an ethos of ‘dream it- do it’ we are ready to make our dream a reality!

TFS is here to provide an exquisite culinary experience that will keep you coming back for more again and again. That’s our promise!

-Amigos for Life
Anuj, Harsh and Parth

About The Food Script

The Food Script is our online food venture that caters to every craving and promises to tickle your taste-buds! We believe that good food equals to good mood, which creates a good life and that’s why we promise to deliver delectable and healthy food directly to your doorstep.

The Food script is based on the tenet of providing healthy, fresh and scrumptious food without the unnecessary inflation of price caused by middlemen in the supply chain.

We bring to your table an array of ambrosial food that will keep your calories in check too!


Shakes make for the perfect breakfast option if you are pro-health, lead a super active life and revel in being on-the-go! The brekkie shakes (available in delicious flavours) offer taste and nutrition of one healthy meal in a bottle. These gluten free and nutritious breakfast shakes are low on sugar and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.


Brings to you 5 classic mojitos that contain real lemon juice, Vitamin C and the right mix of lemon juice, mint and various other flavours that are sure to delight your taste buds. Indulge in the refreshing flavours of these fruity mocktails and enjoy its sweet freshness in every sip.

 Dairy Craft

Provides a wide range of perfectly crafted cheese to fulfil every Italian lover’s ‘cheese-y’ fantasy. With 30 years of cheese making experience, you can only ever get the finest varieties of gourmet cheese, sliced, diced and slice cheese. Prepare your meals with Dairy Craft’s delicious- mozzarella, Bocconcini, mascarpone and fresh cream cheese and give your pizzas, lasagne, burgers, sandwiches and desserts a cheesy makeover.


From all the calories with guilt-free, healthy, premium ice- cream rich in Whey protein which has no added sugar, no artificial flavours or colours. The best part is that they are low in calories and there is no compromise whatsoever when it comes to the taste! These healthy and tasty ice-creams are also Keto friendly and offer an expansive range of flavours for your midnight cravings, sans any guilt!


Provides a wide variety of premium dry pastas that are prepared with finesse and perfection using the traditional artisan pasta making process, bronze dies and slow drying process. Made from high quality durum wheat semolina (not maida), this healthy pasta is 100% eggless, fat free and has high gluten content (protein). Experience the true taste of Italy in your plate with Gustora pastas!

 Honey and Spice

Offers premium natural honey in its purest form. They are made from Himalayan honeycombs and are sourced in a sustainable manner. This collection of 100% raw and wild honey in tantalising flavours is an excellent everyday ingredient that can make your lifestyle healthier.

 Kefir culture

Offers tangy and tasty probiotic drinks available in milk, nut milk, water and fresh juice with vegan options. High in protein, calcium and vitamin B, this probiotic superfood improves your immunity and gut health. Packed in trendy glass bottles, it is a great option for those who love to hustle and prefer breakfast on the go!

 Royal Crown Dates

Are the finest quality dates, specially sourced from Saudi Arabia by HR & Sons- one of the largest importers of dates in India. Dates are a natural and nutritious addition to your regular diet because they boost your energy, can be used as natural sweeteners, are high in fibre, iron, and vitamins and are also packed with antioxidants. These premium Royal Crown dates (14 varieties) are definitely worth adding to your daily diet because they are not only delicious but also provide a host of health benefits.


Offers delicious, 100% natural sauces which can be used to cook, as a spread or as a dip, which will transform your home cooked dishes into gourmet meals! Saucery brings to you a delectable range of Italian, Asian and Mediterranean sauces, hummus dips and yoghurt dips with No trans-fat, 100% vegetarian, no added flavours or colours and no preservatives at all with a 30 day shelf life! Sounds too good to be true? Well, Saucery’s products are just how the tag line promises- magic in every bite!

 TFS Desserts

The Food Script also brings to you some sinful and sumptuous desserts to sweeten your special moments! Cakes and pastries are also available in healthier options with wheat flour base and batters made with almond milk and jaggery so that you can assuage your sweet tooth without eating into your healthy lifestyle!

 TFS Dry Fruits and Nuts

The Food Script has handpicked the choicest Dry fruits and nuts that are 100% genuine and of superior quality. They are a healthier snacking option as they are rich in fibre which helps to improve digestion and overall health. This Superfood, which is rich in protein and iron, will also enhance energy and boost stamina.

 Roasted And Flavoured Fox Nuts (Makhana)

Isn’t it great to have a snack which we can eat with pleasure and not with guilt? Fox nuts which are also called Makhanas are a very healthy snack and are considered as an Indian superfood! Roasted Makhana has tremendous health benefits which makes it the best alternative even amongst healthy snacks.
Roasted Makhana, also gluten free and vegan, contains less fat than other available diet snacks in the market, making it a super healthy snacking option for weight loss. TFS Makhanas are available in exotic organic flavours like Mint, PeriPeri, Indian Chaat, Savoury BBQ, Cheese and Tangy Tomato which make it a very tasty treat indeed!
TFS Makhanas are roasted slowly to ensure that its nutritional value remains intact. Making healthy choices like consuming roasted Organic Makhana is definitely a vital step in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle!

 Freshly Roasted Coffee

Our quest for the finest coffee is like the pursuit of happiness. The journey is as delicious as the destination we seek. So at Tikkiri, with a ring of the traditional ‘Degree Coffee’, we blend unique aromas, roast with precision and won’t stop exploring the world till we find the best coffee beans for that perfect filter coffee.


What’s more special than a thoughtfully curated food hamper / Cake?
Contact TFS and gift your loved ones hand-picked, customised hampers filled with healthy and delectable food, Cakes and desserts perfect for every season and celebration.