Bread ( No maida )

Good news for all bread lovers! If you love eating bread but gave up on it for a healthier lifestyle, then get ready to fill your plate with warm, fresh and wholesome Bread! Enrich your mornings with the super delicious, super nutritious and super healthy Danz- Boutique Bread.As its tagline suggests, Danz offers food that is Deliciously Nutritious!With Danz, experience the joy of eating premium, authentic and healthy breads with multigrain baking that involves minimal yeast, salt, non-hydrogenated refined vegetarian oil, no added colours, flavours or preservatives and most importantlythey are completely free of Potassium Bromate.
Kick start your mornings with the delightfully healthful Danz bread that isprepared using modern baking techniques and made with the finest raw materials procured from all over the world. These nutritious breadsserve as the perfect breakfast option if you are health conscious and is equally filling for children. Every slice of Danz bread is super fresh as they are baked at night and delivered to your door step the next morning (just three hours from packaging) so that you can taste its freshness and savour every bite!

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