Dosa & idli Batter

Looking for your daily ‘dosa’ of happiness? – well, you’ve definitely found it with Atta girl! Every product of Atta Girl is healthy, fresh and tasty, 100% natural with zero additives.

Packed with the magical ingredient called ‘love’, Atta girl’s batters, chutneys, coffee mixes and other sumptuous south Indian side dishes you can literally experience heaven with every bite of delightfully fluffy idlis, golden crispy dosas and aromatic, authentic filter coffee.

Spruce up your brunch with Atta girl’s decoction of filter coffee, lunch with lip-smacking stew, dinner with healthy ragi, veggie or multi-grain dosas and make your evening snacks a fun affair with moist and healthy appams or, kanchipuarm idlis replete with a lovely spread of fresh tomato, coriander and coconut chutney!

Cooking is a science as well as an art, but with Atta girl’s creations, cooking will be pure magic! Go ahead, take a big bite of the good life!

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