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Apricot ( Jaldaru )



  • Including dried apricots into your daily diet is super beneficial as they provide several health advantages. Mildly sweet in taste, they are packed with nutrients and fibre and serve as a great snacking option.
  • Dried apricots are rich in fibre which ensures a healthy digestive tract, helps regulate weight and also aids in reducing cholesterol. Dried apricots are low in calories and rich in calcium which strengthens bones and preserves nerve function.
  • Apart from providing energy apricots also provide vitamin A which provides diverse health benefits such as-
    • Ensures cell growth
    • Strengthens immune system
    • Maintains good vision
    • Good for bone health
    • Beneficial during pregnancy
  • Apricots also contain magnesium which provides relief from muscle spasms and cramps and also improves blood health as they are rich in iron. Eating a handful of apricots as snacks improves metabolism as they contain potassium, phosphorus and selenium.
  • You can munch on dried apricots as a morning or evening snack or add them to your bowl of fruit salad or a glass of smoothie. You can also sprinkle chopped apricots on your ice cream for enhanced taste and flavour or savour its sweetness with your favourite cheese. Add apricots to your salads and up your dose of potassium and vitamin A!
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